More evidence is piling up in favor of serving healthier food, especially breakfast, to help Colorado students excel in school. The latest? A breakfast after the bell program in Jeffco Public Schools.

School now begins in the cafeteria for Pennington Elementary in Wheat Ridge, Colo., among other Jeffco Schools. The Universal Breakfast Program serves breakfast, including milk, fresh fruit and breakfast burritos, during school hours and not before. It's a big change from last year when students were hitting the books with empty tummies, reports The Denver Channel/7NEWS.

The program is only a couple months old, but teachers have already noticed a difference in the focus and alertness of students. It's also encouraging kids to show up for school. Pennington Elementary saw a 12% increase in attendance this year, compared to not serving breakfast the same time last year.

Learn more about this program and our partnership with The Denver Channel/7NEWS in this video clip.