My son recently asked me how I was planning to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday when there is “so much junk.” (Not to mention the fact that I usually don't even watch football!) But, the way I view it, special occasions like this aren't really about the event itself – they are about the celebration.

While I prefer to say “I love you” in other ways besides feeding folks, it’s a very common way to express ourselves. For many, the Super Bowl will be one more way to celebrate friends – and indulge. Beyond the typical fruit and veggie platter (which luckily my family prefers), here are a few tips and recipes to help you celebrate this Sunday while still showing your friends some love, just in a little healthier way:

  • If you are going to someone else’s house, eat before you go.  
  • Compromise fat but not taste with snacks like delicious baked zucchini sticks or these healthier chimichangas.  
  • Yes, you can sneak veggies into a Super Bowl party! Try these stuffed Brussels spouts.
  • Substitute recipes with fat free cheeses and whole wheat bread crumbs. After all, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… 
  • Offer simple alternatives, like lettuce wraps instead of burgers or delicious dips paired with pita and flat breads. They won’t even miss the chips. 
  • In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a fruit tray, veggie platter or even an array of meats (like turkey) and cheese bites.

Go Team! Enjoy these healthy treats that will taste good, as well as be good for you.

What are your favorite healthier choices for your Super Bowl celebration?