Every Child Deserves Nourishing Food | Support the School Food Initiative today

Did you know that around 20% of children face food insecurity in Colorado? It’s hard to imagine in such a bountiful state, but the harsh reality is nearly 1 in 5 Colorado kids don’t always know how or when they’ll get their next meal. That’s why our School Food Initiative works to ensure Colorado kids get great tasting, nutritious meals in school—where kids spend half their waking hours each day. Check out the short video below highlighting the important work being done through our School Food Initiative in Idalia, CO:

Please consider donating to the School Food Initiative. Idalia’s story is like so many others across Colorado. Whether your budget allows you to give generously today, or through a monthly gift of $10 or more, your contribution will go a long way toward getting healthy food to kids from low-income families in schools across the state.