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Meet the Mom: Julie E. from Denver, CO

Living a healthy lifestyle has been a priority for me the last 20 years through being outdoors, exercising and eating right for my health and to maintain my weight. When I became a mom six years ago, I wanted to... Read More

How to Help Kids Eat Their Fruits & Veggies: It Takes Five

My children are pretty healthy eaters, but with our busy and active lives I realized that they weren’t even coming close to getting five servings of fruits and vegetables a  day. My husband and I needed a way to prompt... Read More

Meet the Mom: Amanda from Eastern Plains, CO

I am one of "those moms." Yep, the one who finds time to work out every day, even on vacation; spends 20 minutes in the cereal aisle reading labels; and fills her kids' Easter baskets with veggies. I've been the... Read More

Eileen Dolbeare Introduction and the Inspiration Behind “Fresh Mouth”

Our family diet was in trouble when the exchange rate for eating a single blueberry was four gummy frogs. One bite and an actual swallow of broccoli netted a heaping bowl of strawberry ice cream for our three little boys.... Read More

Veggies Please!

Another mealtime is fast approaching and I think to myself, “what vegetables would Jack like to eat?”  It has been what seems like a very long time coming, but my now four year-old will no longer glance at his plate... Read More

Nourishing the Child and Nurturing the Palate

The ubiquitous American grade school cafeteria is a drab place where limp-looking fruits sweetened in syrups are dispensed from tin cans. microwaved pizza is counted as a “vegetable” for the smattering of tomato paste atop the crust, and rubbery nuggets ... Read More

Dear Grandma, Let’s Be Food Friends

The tension between moms and grandmas is common. You may already be negotiating differences in discipline. Why do you have to also negotiate food? After this post, I hope you’ll be on the same page nutritionally and only have to... Read More

Parenthood: Making Time For Your Own Health and Wellness

Before the birth of my children, I never thought I could harbor such tenderness toward family. I had no idea the power of the emotions that would sweep through me once I became a parent. To say that I love... Read More

Creating a Healthy Environment at Home for Nutrition and Physical Activity

It seems everywhere we turn, we see or hear a multitude of thing we cannot or should not do.  There are guidelines for nearly everything, and every age group, that warn of everything not good for your health.  We start... Read More

Snack Attack!

I am thankful to have three kids who love healthy food and make fairly good choices about what to put into their bodies.  I am proud to say they are not picky eaters, and I don’t need to “sneak” vegetables... Read More