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A Wish for Tired Moms Everywhere: Ask For Help

Recently I did something really, really selfish. Something I can’t really afford and definitely do not have time for. Right now I feel pretty sure I made the wrong decision. I may end up changing my mind and getting my... Read More

The ‘Bag’s Packed and Ready-to-Go’ Healthy Reminder

I have been swimming regularly for the last three years. When I first started swimming, I felt a little guilty: guilty about spending money on the swim membership and guilty for the time it took swim. But I have come... Read More

Meet the Mom: Julie E. from Denver, CO

Living a healthy lifestyle has been a priority for me the last 20 years through being outdoors, exercising and eating right for my health and to maintain my weight. When I became a mom six years ago, I wanted to... Read More

4 Flaws of Calorie Counting for Weight Loss

So often when people decide to lose weight they immediately think calorie counting. Many popular diets are centered around portion control and, at face value, this seems to make sense. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if I could eat anything I wanted... Read More

3 Easy No-Excuse Reminders for Healthy Habits

As a very visual person, LiveWell Colorado’s new healthy reminder commercial struck home. I don’t know that I would put my tennis shoes on my Kuerig Coffee Machine each morning, but the message behind the ad is too true (watch... Read More

How to Help Kids Eat Their Fruits & Veggies: It Takes Five

My children are pretty healthy eaters, but with our busy and active lives I realized that they weren’t even coming close to getting five servings of fruits and vegetables a  day. My husband and I needed a way to prompt... Read More

Meet the Mom: Amanda from Eastern Plains, CO

I am one of "those moms." Yep, the one who finds time to work out every day, even on vacation; spends 20 minutes in the cereal aisle reading labels; and fills her kids' Easter baskets with veggies. I've been the... Read More

The Making of a Healthy School Valentine’s Party–Sort of.

In order to really live the LiveWell mission with my family and not just as part of my job at LiveWell Colorado, (disclosure: I’m the VP of Marketing & Communications), I recently started a Health & Wellness committee at my... Read More

My Review of Smart Meal Offerings at Qdoba

My first thought when given this offer to try something “new” was how great it was that Qdoba is a part of this “new” Smart Meals Program.  After doing some research of my own, I find that the Smart Meals Program has... Read More

3 Parties, 1 Goal: Healthy Choices

Kid birthdays today can be celebrated over multiple days and events when you think about celebrating at school, at home, and at a kids party. How does a mother limit the amount of sugar and fat a child eats in... Read More