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Eating Out, the Right Way

When dinning out with the family… a healthy option is most likely the last thing on your list.  Let’s face it; we go out to eat to grab something quick or something different!  I myself am guilty of indulging in... Read More

Is it Whey Different?

What do you think about when you hear the term, “Greek Yogurt”?  I personally think first of its extra protein values and then of the tangy/tart flavor that hits my taste buds with each bite.  I enjoy it, especially with... Read More

To Eat or Drink Your Sugar?

I grew up drinking and eating lots of sugar.  Needless to say, I have a sweet tooth.  As I got older, I remained a petite person but developed a noticeable “pooch” in my belly area in college.  Not being able... Read More

Reviewing Breakfast And Lunch Options

Better Whey of Life,,  is a new Greek style yogurt, lower in sugar, higher in protein and delicious!  Available in a variety of interesting flavor combinations this new product appeals to not only the yogurt lover – but anyone who... Read More

The Sugar Conversation: A Shared Responsibility for a Healthier Nation

A few weeks ago, The Walt Disney Co. became the first major media company to ban ads for junk food on its television channels, radio stations and websites; a measure they hope will contribute to the fight against obesity by... Read More

Do As I Say, But Not As I Do

This is an age-old saying, but unfortunately a modern concept. We lead fast-paced lives full of temptations and choices, and many moments go by when, if we had slowed down, that moment could have been a life-changing learning experience for... Read More

Snack Attack!

I am thankful to have three kids who love healthy food and make fairly good choices about what to put into their bodies.  I am proud to say they are not picky eaters, and I don’t need to “sneak” vegetables... Read More

Super Bowl

My son recently asked me how I was planning to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday when there is “so much junk.” (Not to mention the fact that I usually don't even watch football!) But, the way I view it, special occasions... Read More

A Healthy Hunt is Only a Text Away?

I was recently reminiscing about my childhood Easter egg hunts. I loved the thrill of the hunt and the bright green grass. But one memory changed the way my family is celebrating Easter this year. During one egg hunt, I... Read More

An Easter Basket Without Candy?

Before writing this post, I thought I would go out and peruse a couple of stores where I would typically shop for Easter basket goodies. From what I can see, items in the aisles have not changed much. They are... Read More