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Ideas for a Happy and Healthy Halloween

At LiveWell Colorado, we often promote the concept of “everything in moderation.” While that sentiment works most of the time, the surplus of candy and sweets around Halloween can be really scary. We believe the best way to moderate the sugar intake... Read More

I Love To Eat And Run!

My story is a familiar one.  I have always struggled with my weight.   I was teased because of my size and given nick-names like “Twinkie” and “Gorda” (which means fat in Spanish).  It wasn’t until I became a mother,... Read More

Inspiration for Healthier Kids’ Meals

As a LiveWell Mom and staff member, I make a conscious effort to eat together as a family whenever possible and include fresh fruits and vegetables as part of the meals.  But let’s face it—there are times when we need to... Read More

Be Your Own Valentine

It’s the second month of 2012 and the holidays just won’t quit challenging my commitment to living well!  First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and now Valentine’s Day and I can almost hear the Easter bunny hopping down the bunny... Read More

The Making of a Healthy School Valentine’s Party–Sort of.

In order to really live the LiveWell mission with my family and not just as part of my job at LiveWell Colorado, (disclosure: I’m the VP of Marketing & Communications), I recently started a Health & Wellness committee at my... Read More

My Review of Smart Meal Offerings at Qdoba

My first thought when given this offer to try something “new” was how great it was that Qdoba is a part of this “new” Smart Meals Program.  After doing some research of my own, I find that the Smart Meals Program has... Read More

Eating Out, the Right Way

When dinning out with the family… a healthy option is most likely the last thing on your list.  Let’s face it; we go out to eat to grab something quick or something different!  I myself am guilty of indulging in... Read More

Is it Whey Different?

What do you think about when you hear the term, “Greek Yogurt”?  I personally think first of its extra protein values and then of the tangy/tart flavor that hits my taste buds with each bite.  I enjoy it, especially with... Read More


When given the opportunity to try Driscol’s Berries and Better Whey of Life Greek yogurt, I was all in.  I love both berries and yogurt.  Plus the two together are even better! I must admit.  Prior to this opportunity, I... Read More

Veggies Please!

Another mealtime is fast approaching and I think to myself, “what vegetables would Jack like to eat?”  It has been what seems like a very long time coming, but my now four year-old will no longer glance at his plate... Read More