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Reviewing Breakfast And Lunch Options

Better Whey of Life,,  is a new Greek style yogurt, lower in sugar, higher in protein and delicious!  Available in a variety of interesting flavor combinations this new product appeals to not only the yogurt lover – but anyone who... Read More

Smarten Up on Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Originally published on the WishFit blog on June 1, 2012 Yesterday, chatting with a mom at the bus stop, we got on the topic of healthy eating, nutrition, and how informed parents really are about what constitutes junk food. She... Read More

Eat your veggies!

I’ve never enjoyed grocery shopping. Period. But the experience became more palatable when I started taking my daughter to wander the produce section and explore the shapes, colors, textures and smells of the fruits, veggies and herbs. We initially started... Read More

The Sugar Conversation: A Shared Responsibility for a Healthier Nation

A few weeks ago, The Walt Disney Co. became the first major media company to ban ads for junk food on its television channels, radio stations and websites; a measure they hope will contribute to the fight against obesity by... Read More

Creative Ways to Serve Seasonal Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Including fruits and veggies into my families’ daily meals has always been a BIG priority of mine. Growing up in England, every Sunday my mother would cook a traditional ‘Sunday Lunch’ which contained between 3-4 varieties of steamed vegetables. I... Read More

Feeding Your Activity

Food. It is the stuff of breath and bone and tissue. Amino acids, the foundation of life over the period from primordial existence to the appearance of man, and all the stages of evolution encompassed therein. We are built by... Read More

Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

Originally posted on the Wishfit Blog on October 19, 2012 Oh, how I wish this post was all about how Garrett dipped into his hard-earned allowance money and treated me to lunch at saaaayyy, Linger in Denver. I’d start with the meze... Read More

Creating a Healthy Environment at Home for Nutrition and Physical Activity

It seems everywhere we turn, we see or hear a multitude of thing we cannot or should not do.  There are guidelines for nearly everything, and every age group, that warn of everything not good for your health.  We start... Read More

Snack Attack!

I am thankful to have three kids who love healthy food and make fairly good choices about what to put into their bodies.  I am proud to say they are not picky eaters, and I don’t need to “sneak” vegetables... Read More

Empowering Children through School Lunches

Decades ago, when school nutrition programs were in their infancy, the challenge was to feed the hungry children of the Great Depression using the surplus of commodity foods that were plunging American farmers into bankruptcy. Feeding scores of undernourished children... Read More