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Test Driving Healthy School Food–the new USDA Nutritional Guidelines

As you may know, school lunches have become a touchy subject in the last few years, as everyone from parent groups to the federal government to Jamie Oliver have pushed for an overhaul. Considering more than 32 million students eat school-supplied meals, and... Read More

Healthy Policies And Activities (Or Lack Thereof) At Your Child’s Pre-School

My children’s health and activity matters to me not only when they are at home with me but when I am at work all day too.  When my husband and I were searching for a pre-school for our son one... Read More

The Beginnings of a School Garden

For almost a year, I have been the parent coordinator of our new school garden and have watched a grassy playground spot become a garden.  In part, I've been absent from my personal blog  this past month, because we have been... Read More

Commercialized in the Classroom

My six year old son hopped off the bus, trotted through the front door, and plopped down on the living room sofa. He opened up his blue backpack, and pulled out a classroom folder, filled with his weekly works. We... Read More

Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

Originally posted on the Wishfit Blog on October 19, 2012 Oh, how I wish this post was all about how Garrett dipped into his hard-earned allowance money and treated me to lunch at saaaayyy, Linger in Denver. I’d start with the meze... Read More

Cool as a ¾ Cup Serving of Cucumbers

There were no riots in the lunch line at Baker Central School. Not one kid that I interviewed said they were upset about fresh fruit and vegetables being a mandatory addition to their lunch trays. I was surprised at the... Read More

Cafeteria Manager Champions Healthy School Food at Lowry

I recently went to lunch with my 3rd grade daughter for Take Your Parents to Lunch day at Lowry Elementary school in east Denver. As any proud parent wants to do, I wanted to brag about our school food—the scratch... Read More

Take Your Parent to Lunch: A Reflection

I ventured into the cafeteria with my two 4th grade girls today. I had every intention of walking through the line and buying lunch. Unfortunately, I recently decided to go dairy-free because I’m lactose intolerant and all of the entrees... Read More

School Lunches

Originally published on Highlands Ranch Mom on Sept. 20, 2012    One of LiveWell Colorado's initiatives is improving school lunches.  Most kids would make the unhealthy choice when it comes to food they buy at school.  However, LiveWell Colorado is... Read More

Q&A: Local Elementary School Sprouts a Playground Garden to Get Kids Excited About Healthy Eating

A few weeks ago while walking my daughter to school at Mission Viejo Elementary (MVE), I noticed a new addition to the playground area. A garden had sprouted! Of course I was excited to learn more about it and waltzed... Read More