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She Gets It From Her Momma

On a whim about two months ago, my daughter Gabriella and I wandered into Jones Tae Kwon Do and Fitness. I was interested in finding an activity that the entire family could get excited about and martial arts seemed to... Read More

Inspiration for Healthier Kids’ Meals

As a LiveWell Mom and staff member, I make a conscious effort to eat together as a family whenever possible and include fresh fruits and vegetables as part of the meals.  But let’s face it—there are times when we need to... Read More

3 Parties, 1 Goal: Healthy Choices

Kid birthdays today can be celebrated over multiple days and events when you think about celebrating at school, at home, and at a kids party. How does a mother limit the amount of sugar and fat a child eats in... Read More

Journal Your Journey, and the ABC’s of Taste

About 2 months ago I started a new nutritional plan, and in this plan you are supposed to keep a daily journal.  In this journal I’ve been able to keep a record of what myself and my family eats… I... Read More

Creative Ways to Serve Seasonal Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Including fruits and veggies into my families’ daily meals has always been a BIG priority of mine. Growing up in England, every Sunday my mother would cook a traditional ‘Sunday Lunch’ which contained between 3-4 varieties of steamed vegetables. I... Read More

Nourishing the Child and Nurturing the Palate

The ubiquitous American grade school cafeteria is a drab place where limp-looking fruits sweetened in syrups are dispensed from tin cans. microwaved pizza is counted as a “vegetable” for the smattering of tomato paste atop the crust, and rubbery nuggets ... Read More

Kids’ Lunchtime Wishlists

Originally posted on the WishFit Blog on August 29, 2012 School is back in session, and that means many kids are back in the lunch line. Last week I shared some fresh ideas for packed lunches, but what if your... Read More

Parenthood: Making Time For Your Own Health and Wellness

Before the birth of my children, I never thought I could harbor such tenderness toward family. I had no idea the power of the emotions that would sweep through me once I became a parent. To say that I love... Read More

Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

Originally posted on the Wishfit Blog on October 19, 2012 Oh, how I wish this post was all about how Garrett dipped into his hard-earned allowance money and treated me to lunch at saaaayyy, Linger in Denver. I’d start with the meze... Read More

Cool as a ¾ Cup Serving of Cucumbers

There were no riots in the lunch line at Baker Central School. Not one kid that I interviewed said they were upset about fresh fruit and vegetables being a mandatory addition to their lunch trays. I was surprised at the... Read More