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On the Move at National Get Outdoors Day

How often are kids able to canoe, climb, hula hoop, jump rope, dance, hop, fish, paint, bike, pitch a tent and even pan for gold in one afternoon? On Saturday, June 8, nearly 10,000 kids and their families were able... Read More

Making the Most of a Magnificent Weekend

It's going to be a beautiful weekend, so plan to get active with your family. The family that moves together, gets healthy together. Here are some fun ways to take a few moments and get active with your kids. Let’s... Read More

She Gets It From Her Momma

On a whim about two months ago, my daughter Gabriella and I wandered into Jones Tae Kwon Do and Fitness. I was interested in finding an activity that the entire family could get excited about and martial arts seemed to... Read More

It’s All About Movement

It is hard some times to think we have the extra time to be physically active from one day to the next.  With all of the many things we need to accomplish on a daily basis, where will we find... Read More

I Love Walking!

As the story goes, at 2 years old, I started protesting the stroller and would tell my family, “No! I walk!” For the first few trips they brought the stroller, apprehensive I could manage the entire walk, but soon discovered differently. ... Read More

Healthy Policies And Activities (Or Lack Thereof) At Your Child’s Pre-School

My children’s health and activity matters to me not only when they are at home with me but when I am at work all day too.  When my husband and I were searching for a pre-school for our son one... Read More

How The Kids And I Stay Active For The Summer

Lazy hot summer days are just perfect for relaxing, sitting and eating far too much; however, a beautiful summer day is also the perfect excuse to get outside with your kids and get moving!  Despite the heat of the days... Read More

Beat the Heat

The summer heat has arrived here in Colorado!  It feels as if it should be mid-July or August with some of the temperatures we are seeing and with the first day of summer being this week, I can’t help but... Read More

It’s the Little Things that Count

I never fully understood this phrase until the other day when my son and I were riding bikes to school.  We are fortunate enough to live just shy of a ½ mile away from our neighborhood Elementary school where he... Read More

It’s Official–I’m a Soccer Mom

Originally posted on the WishFit Blog on September 24, 2012 I remember when Garrett was about 3 and we were contemplating registering him for his first season of soccer. My sister-in-law, who has three boys, said, "Wait as long as... Read More