I have been swimming regularly for the last three years. When I first started swimming, I felt a little guilty: guilty about spending money on the swim membership and guilty for the time it took swim. But I have come to realize that my membership and time in the pool are the best investment I can make for myself and my family.

Truth be told, I am a better person when I swim. I feel better when I exercise and getting that heart rate up feels good. There is something contemplative, almost meditative about swimming. I have always done my best thinking while swimming laps. When I am done I feel refreshed and ready to get on with my day.

My healthy reminder sits ready and waiting for me every morning by the bathroom door: my swim bag. I load it the night before so there are no excuses — no matter how tired I am or if the weather’s bad. As an added incentive, I know that if I am going to swim, I don’t have to shower and dress before taking the kids to school, so I get to sleep just a little bit longer. 

I hope I am also setting an example for my daughters. I want them to know that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and that it is important to take care of ourselves and feel good. That even when adults grow up and no longer are on the swim team or playing competitive sports, we can still enjoy exercise.

So every night I load my bag; reminding myself that the best me is the one that starts the day in the water. 

A Colorado native and mom of two girls, Mary from Fruita lives a gluten-free lifestyle and also blogs about her active life every Tuesday on Fruita Moms.

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