In the middle of my weight loss efforts, it was easy for me to stay focused on smart food choices. But now after losing the weight I gained from Baby #3, I find myself making rationalizations about eating junk. This is especially true when I face mountains of goodies that accompany the holidays. My new challenge is weight management, and it’s a struggle.

So is there a simple way to think about weight management? Enter Jamie Atlas, LiveWell Colorado’s Rally Man. In this new video filmed at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, he teaches how I can maintain my weight by simply reducing my calorie intake by just 100 calories a day. The video goes through an entire day’s worth of meals and only takes 1 minute and 46 seconds. My favorite example is seasoning veggies with lemon and herbs instead of butter.

Is there a way for me to stay social this season and maintain my weight? Of course. I just need to bring my friends along for the ride. I can even spread the news of good health without saying a word. I’ll let Jamie Atlas do it for me. I can share this Rally Man video on Facebook and bring a fruit tray instead of chips!

Looking for exercise ideas? Maybe you need some motivation to save or burn 100 calories more each day? The LiveWell Rally Man, Jamie Atlas, hopes to inspire Coloradans to make healthier choices every day through his new series of motivational videos.