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    Film Challenge Resources

    1. Definitions
      1. Award means a payment or other form of reward to be made through LiveWell Colorado and/or one of its Film Challenge partners or sponsors (collectively, “Film Challenge organizers”) to the filmmaker(s) that submit a winning film in accordance with the Film Challenge Official Rules.
      2. Competition Period is the time period in which films will be accepted for consideration for an Award in the LiveWell Colorado Film Challenge. The competition begins on February 8, 2016, and ends on April 24, 2016, at 11:59 p.m. MT. All entry forms and films must be received by the close of the Competition Period.
      3. Lead Director is the student primarily responsible for the creative production of the film. If an individual student is submitting the film for consideration in the Film Challenge, that individual is by default the Lead Director for the purposes of this competition. If two or more students are submitting the film and, for the purposes of this competition, seek shared credits, the student filling the role as Lead Director should create the Film Freeway account through which the film is submitted.


    1. Eligibility
      1. The student filmmakers must be currently enrolled as students in a degree-granting program at a Colorado college or university and that college/university must offer a degree in communications, media and/or film.
      2. Entrants under 18 years of age must verify that they have the consent of their parent/legal guardian to participate in the contest.
      3. Entries must be submitted no later than six months from the date of the filmmakers’ graduation from school.
      4. Participation in the creation and production of films by anyone other than the Film Challenge applicant(s) is permitted in only two capacities: Non-applicants may serve as actors (on-screen talent) and school faculty may advise student filmmakers behind-the-scenes. All pre-production and post-production work (scripting, shooting, and editing) must be done by the students applying for the Film Challenge.
      5. Entries must be motion picture works that have been completed and submitted between February 8, 2016, and April 24, 2016 (Competition Period).
      6. Entries must be submitted online before 11:59 p.m. MT on the last day of the Competition Period.
      7. Advertising films, promotional films, and films made as works for hire are not eligible.
      8. Entries must be between 1-3 minutes including opening and closing credits.
      9. All films must be in English, subtitled in English, or dubbed in English.



    III. Entry Procedures

    1. Shared credits will be allowed for no more than three students. The student submitting the film through the Film Freeway account in his/her name will be considered the Lead Director, defined as the student most responsible for the creative production of the submission. The form will allow for (but not require) two additional students to be listed as collaborators. LiveWell Colorado will not be bound by any agreement among filmmakers relating to the sharing or giving of credit and reserves the right to make its own determination of credit for purposes of award consideration and distribution.
    2. Entry forms and films must be submitted digitally using the designated submission platform at Filmmakers must create a free account on the Film Freeway website in order to submit a film.
    3. Filmmakers should contact the competition administrator at if any issues prevent digital submission. The competition administration will take reasonable measures to respond to reported issues in a timely manner, however LiveWell Colorado shall have no liability to the filmmaker should the issue cause a submission to miss the Competition Period deadline.
    4. The entry form must indicate the school in which the Lead Director is currently enrolled. In the event a film is created by a collaboration among students from more than one school, only the school in which the designated Lead Director is enrolled is guaranteed recognition should the film be selected as a finalist and/or to receive an award.
    5. LiveWell Colorado is not responsible for late, misdirected, missing, or damaged entries and is not responsible for server unavailability; or computer or any other electronic or telecommunications malfunction.


    1. Selection and Award Procedures
    2. A panel of judges from the film, health, nonprofit and civic communities will review and evaluate the films. Finalists will be notified by May 8, 2016, and the winners will be announced at the screening in August 2016.
    3. First, Second, and Third Prize (which include cash prizes of $5,000 filmmaker / $2,500 school; $2,000 filmmaker / $1,000 school; $1,000 filmmaker / $500 school, respectively) may be given by Film Challenge organizers in recognition of outstanding achievement in student advocacy filmmaking. Additional awards and monetary rewards may be given at the sole discretion of LiveWell Colorado.
    4. Cash prizes awarded to the school will be designated to film or media / communications department at the school in which the Lead Director is enrolled, regardless of the degree program in which the Lead Director is pursuing a degree. No other restrictions will be placed on the department’s use of prize money.
    5. If a team of filmmakers (defined as two or more) is awarded a cash prize, the winnings shall be split evenly among the filmmakers specified on the entry form.
    6. The entries shall be judged on the basis of adherence to the theme of barriers to healthy eating and active living in Colorado, resourcefulness, originality, persuasiveness, and the quality of storytelling without regard to cost of production.
    7. Upon submission, entries shall be verified for eligibility by the competition administrator.
    8. All stages of judging, including Preliminary and Final rounds, shall be managed by the Oversight Committee, which is comprised of the competition administrator and LiveWell Colorado’s vice president of policy and communications. Additional judges may be designated as required at the sole discretion of the Oversight Committee.
    9. Finalist entries shall be judged by May 8, 2016, and filmmakers shall be notified promptly.
    10. Presentation of the First, Second and Third Prize winners will be made at the LiveWell Colorado Film Challenge Awards Ceremony on August 18, 2016, at the Sie FilmCenter in Denver. It is strongly encouraged that all Finalists be available to attend the Awards Ceremony in order to accept an award in person if selected by the judging committee.
    11. By claiming a prize, the winner(s) authorize the use, without additional compensation, of his or her name and/or likeness and/or voice/photograph and place of residence for promotion and/or advertising purposes in any manner and in any medium (including, without limitation, radio broadcasts; newspapers, magazines, and other publications; television or film; slides; videotape; distribution over the Internet; and picture data storage) which LiveWell Colorado may deem appropriate.
    12. In all respects the decisions of the LiveWell Colorado Film Challenge Judges Panel regarding any matter shall be final and binding.


    1. Warranties and Representations
    2. By submitting the film, the Lead Director represents and warrant that:
    • All information provided regarding myself is true, accurate, current and complete information, and I will maintain and update such information to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete.
    • I warrant that my entire film is an original work created by me as the filmmaker and that I have not included third-party content (such as writing, text, graphics, artwork, logos, photographs, dialogue from plays, likeness of any third party, musical recordings, clips of videos, television programs or motion pictures) in or in connection with my film unless I have either obtained the rights to use such third-party content or the content of the film is considered in the public domain without any limitations on use.
    • The use of the film by Film Challenge organizers, or the exercise by Film Challenge organizers of any rights granted by me under these terms and conditions, does not and will not infringe or violate any rights of any third party, or entity, including, without limitation, patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret defamation, privacy, publicity, false light, misappropriation, intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress, confidentiality or any contractual or other rights. I have all the rights, licenses, permissions and consents necessary to submit the film and to grant all of the rights to the Film Challenge organizers required by these terms and conditions, including but not limited to, the right for the Film Challenge organizers to use and develop derivative works of and from the film.
    • All persons who appear in the film in any manner have:
      1. given me their express written consent to submit the film for unlimited, royalty-free use, exhibition and other exploitation in any manner, and in any and all media, whether now existing or discovered in the future, throughout the world, in perpetuity.
      2. provided written permission to include their name, image or pictures in the film (or if a minor who is not my child, has provided me with the permission of his/her parent or legal guardian) and I may be asked by Film Challenge organizers to provide permission in writing.
      3. no claims for payment of any kind, including, without limitation, for royalties or residuals and have no approval or consultation rights or any rights of participating arising out of any use, exhibition or other exploration of the film.


    1. Additional Rules
    1. LiveWell Colorado reserves the right not to award any prizes if none of the entries received meet the stated contest criteria, in LiveWell Colorado’s sole discretion.
    2. By participating in the LiveWell Colorado Film Challenge, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of LiveWell Colorado. LiveWell Colorado reserves the right to disqualify any participant or winner and may refuse to award any prize to a person who is ineligible or has violated any rule, gained unfair advantage in participating in the contest, or obtained winner status using fraudulent means. LiveWell Colorado will interpret the Rules and resolve any disputes, conflicting claims or ambiguities concerning such rules. The decisions of LiveWell Colorado concerning such disputes shall be final.
    3. If the conduct or outcome of the Film Challenge is affected by human error, any mechanical, technical, electronic, communications, telephone, computer, hardware or software errors, malfunctions or failures of any kind, intentional interference or any event beyond the control of LiveWell Colorado, LiveWell Colorado reserves the right to terminate the Film Challenge, or make such other decisions regarding the outcome as LiveWell Colorado deems appropriate.
    4. All decisions will be made by LiveWell Colorado and are final. LiveWell Colorado may waive any of these rules in its sole discretion.


    VII. Intellectual Property

    1. By submitting the film, the Lead Director indicates the following: I, the Lead Director for the purposes of this Film Challenge, understand that all intellectual property rights, if any, in the film will remain with the Lead Director. By submitting the film to this Film Challenge, the Lead Director agrees to grant to LiveWell Colorado and its Film Challenge partners and sponsors (collectively, the “Film Challenge organizers”) a perpetual, royalty free, non-exclusive, non-revocable license in respect of all such intellectual property rights, if any, for the purposes of commercial exploitation of the film and LiveWell Colorado may use, publish, adapt, modify, combine, or dispose of the film or elements thereof online, in print, film, television, or any other media now in use or hereafter discovered without additional compensation or notification to, or permission from, the Lead Director except as prohibited by law.


    VIII. Indemnification

    1. By submitting the film, the Lead Director indicates the following: I, the Lead Director for the purposes of this Film Challenge, agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Film Challenge organizers, their officers, directors, owners, agents and employees, from any liability, loss or damage Film Challenge organizers may suffer as a result of a third party bringing a non-frivolous claim that Film Challenge organizers violated the third party’s intellectual property rights in the film. This indemnification obligation exists only insofar as Film Challenge organizers have not materially changed the film in a way that triggered the non-frivolous claim.


    If you have any questions, please contact Jill Hamilton, competition administrator, at

    What is the LiveWell Colorado Film Challenge?

    It is a new statewide competition for short films (1-3 minutes) produced by students at Colorado colleges/universities about barriers to healthy living in Colorado. Now in its first year, LiveWell Colorado and the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media plan to host this challenge annually.

    Why do films have to be about barriers to healthy and affordable food and opportunities for physical activity?

    Colorado is known for its active, healthy lifestyle. But did you know that some Coloradans unfairly face barriers to living a healthy life? LiveWell Colorado works with communities around the state to overcome these issues. An essential part of our work is telling the stories of these Coloradans and the barriers standing in their way. By involving emerging filmmakers in the work of storytelling, we hope many more Coloradans will come to understand these challenges — and choose to be part of the solutions.

    Who can submit a film?

    Both the student and his/her school must meet specific criteria to be eligible. A student must be enrolled in a degree-granting program at a Colorado college or university; the college or university must offer a communications, media and/or film program. Students who are under 18 will need permission from a parent or guardian. To ensure you and your school meet the eligibility criteria, answer the following questions in the order shown:

    1. Does your college/university have a degree-granting program in communications, media and/or film? If the answer is yes, continue to question 2. If the answer is no, you are not eligible.
    2. Are you currently enrolled at the college/university in a degree-granting program? If the answer is yes, you are eligible. If the answer is no, continue to question 3.
    3. Have you graduated from the college/university within six months of the date of the submission of your film? If the answer is yes, you are eligible. If the answer is no, you are not eligible.

    What is the entry fee?

    There is no entry fee for the Film Challenge. It is free to participate and films will be judged without regard for cost of production.

    Who will judge the films?

    A diverse judging panel representing the film industry as well as health and civic leaders will consider the films for three awards with cash prizes. The individuals on the judging panel will be named and listed at before the close of the competition period on April 24, 2016.

    What will you do with the films after the Film Challenge?

    A compilation of the award-winning films will be circulated statewide by LiveWell Colorado. Additionally, we intend to use some films or parts of films in our work to raise awareness about the barriers to healthy eating and active living. As stated in the official rules, all filmmakers retain intellectual property rights for their film but grant to LiveWell Colorado full use of those rights. As an example, a film or a portion of a film may be featured at, shared on its social media channels, or shown at a community event. Film Challenge partners and sponsors, such as the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, will also have use of the film per the intellectual property agreement.

    Is the LiveWell Colorado Film Challenge affiliated with Imagine Colorado, which is the open innovation challenge presented by LiveWell Colorado and Colorado Innovation Network (COIN)?

    Although these competitions have some similarities in their crowdsourcing approaches, they are independent and unrelated. Imagine Colorado seeks to answer “How would you connect Colorado’s youth to a healthier Colorado?” while the Film Challenge is designed to help illustrate the barriers to healthy living in Colorado through short films. Additionally, Imagine Colorado is open to the public and particularly seeking to engage entrepreneurs and the technology sector, while the Film Challenge is only open to students enrolled in Colorado colleges and universities with film schools. LiveWell Colorado and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) are partners in both challenges.


    Jill Hamilton, Competition Administrator

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