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CanDo Fort Collins

79838cdc8d91548a5ab7629c95b50274The vision of the Coalition for Activity and Nutrition to Defeat Obesity (CanDo) is to create a model community that supports healthy eating and active living by engaging community members and organizations through support, advocacy, and education. The coalition’s stated goals are to reduce the prevalence of obesity and increase physical activity and healthy eating habits. CanDo has established four primary strategies in support of this mission, focusing its efforts on school wellness, worksite wellness, the food environment, and the built environment.

CanDo staff also facilitate the Vida Sana Coalition to promote health equity for Hispanic/Latino and low-income residents.

LiveWell Colorado began providing funding for CanDo Fort Collins in 2006. While the funding relationship has now ended, LiveWell continues to support the organization and its work through partnership opportunities whenever possible.

Contact Information
Deirdre Sullivan
University of Colorado Health