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New Playground LeadvilleLake County Build a Generation Community (LCBAG) Coalition was founded in 1997 to work on population-level substance abuse prevention. Since then, the coalition has evolved to work on many community issues, including violence prevention, school dropout prevention, and physical health improvement.

LiveWell Leadville was formed in 2013 when the coalition expanded its focus to encompass healthy eating and active living initiatives—including efforts to improve school meals, elevate youth recreation opportunities, and increase walking and biking as means of transportation. The coalition’s mission is to create a community in which all residents have access to healthy food and recreation and are engaged in making their community a better place to live.

LiveWell Leadville prioritizes the local community, with a specific focus on increasing access to locally-produced fruits and vegetables. The coalition ensures that all progress builds on Leadville’s sense of place—particularly the arts, culture, history and natural environment of Lake County.