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Veggies LongmontLiveWell Longmont initially began as Activate Longmont through an initiative that the Longmont YMCA convened and led in late 2007. Upon receiving funding from LiveWell Colorado in 2008, the name was changed to LiveWell Longmont. The initiative has the same goals and approach as LiveWell Colorado: to develop a collaborative and community-based approach to increasing access to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity. The LiveWell Longmont coalition strives to positively impact community health by supporting education, shaping wellness policies, and inspiring and enabling community members to engage in healthier lifestyles.

LiveWell Longmont is a movement designed to ensure that healthy lifestyle choices are always available to everyone in the community. Areas of focus include worksite wellness, school wellness, and public health policy. The coalition’s goal is to make Longmont the healthiest city in the healthiest state.

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