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Lamar-1LiveWell Prowers County joined the LiveWell Colorado Community Partnerships program in 2007, and in the past few years the community has begun to experience a real transformation in the opportunities its residents have for affordable recreation. While Prowers County was fortunate to have some recreational offerings including an outdoor pool, a large park and a community recreation center, the facilities were not necessarily accessible to community members most impacted by health disparities.

Prowers County adult obesity and physical inactivity rates are higher than the state level according to County Health Rankings. Almost twice as many children in Prowers County are living in poverty (30 percent) compared to children living in poverty across Colorado.

By designing opportunities to better understand barriers to health in their community, Prowers County has begun to uncover the many definitions of accessibility and the multi-dimensional challenges that exist. Distance, cost, and language barriers are just a few of the factors that impacted accessibility to these recreational facilities.

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Emily Nieschburg
Prowers Medical Center Foundation

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