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Playground 2 WestwoodLiveWell Westwood (now Westwood Unidos) began in 2009 as a community-supported project that works with residents of Denver’s Westwood neighborhood to increase opportunities for healthy eating and active living. This unique coalition brings the top down and the bottom up by partnering with everyone on the ground level—from elementary students and grassroots organizations to local residents and neighborhood alliances—in order to make sure their voices are heard. The group has also leveraged partnerships with school districts, local government officials, and other organizations to provide the resources and services needed by the community. Most importantly, the local community is always involved every step of the way—an approach that has proven successful at creating a sustainable, healthy neighborhood.

Areas of focus include healthy food access and community recreation projects tied to increased economic opportunity. The coalition’s many successes include planting numerous school and community gardens, starting a local food co-op, creating culinary kitchens, and working to build the community’s first park in 30 years.


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Rachel Cleaves (se habla Español)
Westwood Unidos

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