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Healthy Institutions

    We believe that partnering with our state’s public and private institutions is critical to advancing our goal towards building a sustainable, equitable, and health-promoting food environment.

    Institutions such as schools, hospitals, higher education, and more, all play a critical role in our goal by increasing the purchasing of healthy, local foods.

    Nationally, institutional food-service facilities supply upwards of $120 billion a year purchasing their raw and prepared foods and beverages. (ERS 2016a) 1

    Research has shown that for every dollar a school spends on local foods, it can add anywhere between $1.60 and $3.12 to the local economy. Imagine if every institution in our state did the same! (Christensen et al. 2017; Roche et al. 2016; Kane et al. 2010) 234

    LiveWell’s Local Procurement Colorado

    LiveWell’s Local Procurement Colorado (LoProCO) program is a farm-to-institution initiative that provides the tools and training for partners to procure, prepare and serve food from local farmers and ranchers while contributing to healthier, more resilient communities.

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    LiveWell's School Food Initiative

    LiveWell’s School Food Initiative connects participants with the people, tools, and knowledge they need on-site, in their own kitchens, to maximize student potential through wholesome and nutritious school meals. Collectively, we can reinvent school lunch to make it the best and healthiest meal in town.

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