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Local Procurement Colorado

LiveWell’s Local Procurement Colorado (LoProCO) Program has 3 main Goals:

  • Increase the capacity of institutions to increase healthy, local food procurement
  • Increase the capacity food hubs and growers to sell to educational institutions
  • Increase connections and relationships between institutions and food hubs, growers, and food access groups

We envision the program will contribute to long-term impacts including:

  • Students and vulnerable populations consume more fresh, local, meals that contribute to life-long health
  • Institutional food service staff integrate local procurement into their practice
  • Colorado producers have additional sustainable, viable market channels within the state
  • Increased local distribution channels for Colorado products
  • Institutions leverage their purchasing and policy power to contribute to an equitable, healthy, resilient food system

Policy Advocacy:

As an organization, we are committed to affecting local, state, and federal legislation that supports local and regional agriculture, prioritizes the support of farm to institution food procurement, and promotes food safety measures.


Help us support institutions to re- direct their purchasing power towards supporting Colorado producers.

By choosing to support local farmers, Colorado institutions can build awareness around the importance of agriculture and increase educational opportunities for students ranging from preschool all the way to college. This initiative provides the tools and skills to food-service staff so they can prepare delicious meals using products that are locally grown while expanding access to fresh foods that create opportunities for healthier communities. We cannot do it alone – your support is needed to help ensure we are building the most health-promoting food system possible!