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Healthy Schools

    What does LiveWell Colorado do for schools?

    We believe that all kids deserve the chance to live well.

    Children spend more than half of their waking hours on a school campus, and they consume up to 50 percent of their calories there. That’s why LiveWell seeks to ensure that all Colorado kids get great tasting, nutritious meals and the physical activity they need to thrive in and out of school.

    Our Flagship Program

    The LiveWell @ School Food Initiative

    The LiveWell@School Food Initiative partners with food service directors and their staff to serve up freshly prepared meals that taste good and are good for students too. We do this by providing workshops and training, on-site chef support, strategic and culinary action planning, and operations and marketing technical assistance. It’s our mission to make sure every child in Colorado eats well, lives well, and stays well. We invite you to join the movement to put fresh ingredients and fun cooking back on the line!

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    Demonstrated Success

    Other Efforts in Schools


    The SRTS State Network is a network of individuals, agencies and organizations throughout the state that are working to maximize and promote opportunities for children to safely walk and bike to and from school.

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    Colorado’s House Bill 11-1069 establishes a minimum requirement for the amount of time that each elementary school provides students opportunities to be physically active during the school day.

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    Farm to school programs work to connect school communities – including students, staff, and parents – to healthy local food by increasing the availability of locally-grown produce and enhancing food and nutrition education in schools.

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