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    LiveWell's Policy Agenda

    LiveWell Colorado’s mission is to increase access to healthy eating and active living by removing barriers that inequitably and disproportionately affect low-income communities and people of color.

    Our policy agenda reflects this commitment. LiveWell advances a comprehensive policy agenda that supports a sustainable, equitable and health-promoting food system, as well as an accessible and equitable active living and transportation environment.

    Our policy agenda is informed by partners across Colorado, including community coalitions, program partners, local, state and national organizations, and other policy experts. In 2019, we are pursuing and supporting:

    • Incentives for Schools Purchasing Colorado Grown Products – Providing monetary incentive, along with training and promotion assistance, to schools that initiate or increase purchasing of Colorado grown, raised, or processed products for inclusion in their school meal programs. The program not only provides school kids with healthy, Colorado food, but also stimulates the economy by increasing demand for products produced by local growers/producers.
    • Food System Infrastructure – Combining the existing Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council (COFSAC) and Farm to School (FtS) Task and providing ongoing support to the resulting Council. The purpose of the Council is to grow local, regional, and statewide food economies within which producers have access to new markets and low-income populations have access to fresh, affordable, healthy foods.
    • Agriculture Conservation and Resource Areas – The program will assist local producers and businesses in developing plans for agriculture conservation and the promotion and sustainability of regional food production systems.
    • Beginning Farmer/Rancher Tax Credit – Replaces the existing beginning farmer and rancher tax deduction (applicable for the sale or lease of land, equipment, crops and livestock) with a tax credit.
    • Extending School Lunch Protection Program through 12th grade – Last year, we were part of a coalition that passed Senate Bill 18-013 which extended state funding to cover the $0.40 co-pay for kids who receive reduced-price school lunches to include grades six through eight (previously the co-pay was only covered through fifth grade). This year we will support the coalition’s effort to extend coverage of the co-pay through 12th grade so that all kids who qualify for reduced-price lunch will receive lunch for free, regardless of whether they are in elementary, middle, or high school.
    • Multi-modal Transportation Funding – With the defeat of Proposition 110 in November, it is back to the drawing board regarding transportation funding and in particular multi-modal funding. No details are available at this point but there are many ideas being batted around. It is likely that we will see legislation and to the extent legislators introduce bills that present an opportunity for multi-modal funding, we will engage. We are also keeping tabs on whether regional transportation funding initiatives are brought forth in 2019.

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