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2018 Farm Bill

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The Farm Bill, and other related pieces of legislation, are important for Colorado as they have many provisions aimed at increasing access to and affordability of healthy and local foods, including maintaining or increasing funding for the grant program that currently funds Double Up Food Bucks, strengthening schools’ ability to procure local foods, financial support for fruit & veggie prescription programs, increasing support for the Farmers Market Promotion Program, and increasing funds for other programs such as the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

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The Local Food and Regional Markets Act or the Local FARMS Act

This bill was introduced last Wednesday in Congress with bi-partisan leadership. The Local FARMS Act, like the forthcoming FINI “marker bill” (#3 below) is a conceptual document, frequently called a “marker bill.”

“Marker bills” are designed to capture critical issues supported by a certain legislator/group of legislators as a way of introducing key concepts and priorities they want to ultimately have included in another bill, in this case, the final Farm Bill. 

LiveWelll has worked with local and national advocacy organizations on the Local FARMS Act for close to a year. It brings together strategies to sustain local/regional farm economies while increasing access to healthy foods in low-income communities. You can read more about this effort on NSAC’s blog here.

To help indicate Colorado’s strong support for this marker bill, you and/or your organization can:

  1. a) Sign your organization on as a supporter here: Organizational sign-on letter in Google Forms
  2. b) Share the sign-on letter with all your partners so they can also sign on!


The Farm to School Act of 2017

This marker bill was also recently introduced in Congress with bi-partisan leadership. There are currently two ways to support this important legislation that is seeking to increase the funding available for Farm to School programs from the current $5 million to $15 million (which is still significantly less than the $120 million that was requested nationally, and the nearly $2.5 million that was requested in Colorado). You can read more about this legislation at

To help:

  1. a) Click on the appropriate link to sign onto a letter of support as an individual or on behalf of your organization.
  2. b) Spread the word about this bill by sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter, and by forwarding this email to friends who you know care about healthy kids and vibrant local food systems.


Coming Soon: Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Program Marker Bill

Like the local FARMS Act bill, this is a conceptual bill that will separately address the FINI grant program that provides the incentive funding for the Double Up Food Bucks program in Colorado and around the country.

To help:

As soon as this bill is introduced, we’ll send information out regarding how you can get involved! Sign up for our action alerts here.


Coming Soon: LiveWell Colorado’s Farm Bill Platform and Sign-on Letter

LiveWell will distribute our Farm Bill platform and associated sign-on letter through which we hope to engage as many local and state partners as possible to indicate to the entire Colorado delegation the importance of specific programs (such as maintaining the integrity of the SNAP program) contained within the Farm Bill.


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