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Local Policy

LiveWell Colorado's Local Policy Agenda

LiveWell Colorado has traditionally funded diverse, community-led coalitions across Colorado, working at the local level to remove inequitable barriers to health. Though we no longer continue this funding model, our history with communities across Colorado enables us to help advance community-led initiatives at the local level.

The HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign provides training and technical assistance to help municipal officials adopt and implement policies that improve access to healthy eating and active living (HEAL) in their communities.  There are currently 47 cities and towns participating in the Campaign.

In 2016, LiveWell Colorado launched a new initiative: the Policy Assistance and Strategic Support (PASS) Project. The PASS project was designed to provide assistance to community coalitions working towards a specific policy goal. LiveWell provided staff time as well as support from CRL Associates to provide technical assistance and guidance on navigating the policy arena at the local level. For 2017, LiveWell will continue to grow the success from the PASS project, and is currently developing the program.

HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign

The HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign helps municipal leaders adopt policies that increase access to healthy food, active transportation, and healthy workplaces. Since 2013, the Campaign has expanded to more than 45 municipalities across Colorado.

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PASS Project

LiveWell’s Policy Assistance and Strategic Support (PASS) project provides technical assistance to communities working towards a specific policy goal.

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