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About LiveWell

    LiveWell Colorado (LWC) began as an outgrowth of The Colorado Physical Activity and Nutrition Program of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). It became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2008 with a mission of reducing obesity and promoting healthy nutrition in Colorado. In its first year, LiveWell Colorado sought to bring greater coordination and consistency to statewide efforts to reduce obesity. Due to the program’s demonstrated effectiveness, Kaiser Permanente awarded a $16 million grant to then establish LiveWell as an independent nonprofit organization.

    Throughout LiveWell’s 10 year history, the organization has evolved from being one that promotes healthy behaviors and environments through community grantmaking and coordinated marketing campaigns to one that specifically focuses policies, programs, promotions, and partnerships on removing barriers to healthy eating and active living for low-income communities and people of color in Colorado.


    A Health Equity Approach

    LiveWell’s mission, vision, goals, and values are grounded in an understanding that not all Coloradans have equal access and opportunities to be healthy due to policies, environments, and systems that perpetuate inequalities by income, place, and race. Therefore, LiveWell focuses on changing these systems to create opportunities for health and wellness in partnership with communities and individuals who face systemic and institutional barriers to a healthy lifestyle: low-income communities and people of color in urban, suburban, and rural parts of our state.


    Mission, Vision & Goals


    LiveWell Colorado increases access to healthy eating and active living by removing barriers that inequitably and disproportionately affect low-income communities and people of color.


    All Coloradans live in environments with equitable access to the nourishing food and physical activity they need to be healthy.


    1. Build a sustainable, equitable, & health-promoting food environment.
    2. Advance equitable access to physical activity opportunities across Colorado schools & communities.
    3. Advance sustainable & equitable access to biking & walking.

    How We Work

    LiveWell Colorado is committed to removing the barriers that work against community wellbeing by advancing the 4P’s:


    We offer three core programs that create and promote equitable access to healthy food and physical activity: the LiveWell School Food InitiativeDouble Up Food Bucks Colorado, and the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign.


    We advocate for local, state, and federal policies that provide access to healthy food and physical activity.

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    We partner with communities and organizations to advance our food system and create safe and accessible public spaces.

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    We share stories, inform the public, and mobilize calls to action to improve our state’s public health outcomes.

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    • We believe a person’s health outcomes should not be determined by race, poverty, or place.
    • We believe access to nourishing food is a basic human right.
    • We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live in environments with access to safe, relevant, and affordable physical movement.
    • We are committed to diversity, inclusiveness, and anti-oppression on all levels of our organization and with our constituencies.
    • We are committed to transforming complex systems, in order to create lasting and sustainable change built on an equitable foundation.
    • We are committed to finding and implementing solutions that are evidence-informed and community-informed.
    • We believe that strategic partnerships and collaboration with diverse organizations and communities are critical to achieving health equity in the most impacted communities.

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    LiveWell Colorado increases access to healthy eating and active living by removing barriers that inequitably and disproportionately affect low-income communities and people of color. We are committed to recruiting and supporting diverse perspectives, and we aim to promote a culture of inclusiveness, respect, communication and understanding. Learn about career opportunities at LiveWell Colorado and our partner organizations.

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