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About LiveWell


    LiveWell Colorado increases access to healthy eating and active living by removing barriers that inequitably and disproportionately affect low-income communities and people of color.


    All Coloradans live in environments with equitable access to the nourishing food and physical activity they need to be healthy.


    • Build a sustainable, equitable, and health-promoting food environment.

    • Advance equitable access to physical activity opportunities across Colorado schools and communities.

    • Advance sustainable and equitable access to biking and walking.


    • We believe a person’s health outcomes should not be determined by race, poverty, or place.
    • We believe access to nourishing food is a basic human right.
    • We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live in environments with access to safe, relevant, and affordable physical movement.
    • We are committed to diversity, inclusiveness, and anti-oppression on all levels of our organization and with our constituencies.
    • We are committed to transforming complex systems, in order to create lasting and sustainable change built on an equitable foundation.
    • We are committed to finding and implementing solutions that are evidence-informed and community-informed.
    • We believe that strategic partnerships and collaboration with diverse organizations and communities are critical to achieving health equity in the most impacted communities.